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Bint Hooran Perfume 100ml EDP By Ard Al Zaafaran



Bint Hooran Perfume 100ml EDP By Ard Al Zaafaran

Embark on a sensory journey like no other with Bint Hooran, an enchanting oriental fragrance from the prestigious house of Ard Al Zaafaran. This exquisite perfume is more than just a scent; it’s an experience that transports you to a world of opulence and allure.

Bint Hooran is crafted to perfection, blending unique and captivating notes that leave an oriental trail wherever you go. From the moment it touches your skin, Bint Hooran reveals its sensuality and attraction, drawing you in with its irresistible charm.

At the heart of Bint Hooran lies a perfect alchemy of notes, carefully selected to create a fragrance that is both distinctive and mesmerizing. Delight your senses with the freshness of slightly spicy and indulgent fruity notes, tantalizing your palate with hints of exotic allure. Experience the feminine elegance of floral notes, which lend a delicate touch of sophistication to this captivating scent.

But what sets Bint Hooran apart is its innovative combination of tuberose and sweet almond, concealed beneath a rich bed of vanilla. This unique blend reflects the duality of a woman’s personality – soft yet powerful, sweet yet mysterious. Let the floral breath of jasmine and tuberose envelop you, contrasting beautifully with the deep and mysterious tones of tonka bean and cocoa.

Bint Hooran is more than just a fragrance; it’s a statement of individuality and refinement. Perfume yourself with Bint Hooran and unleash your inner allure, leaving a trail of captivating fragrance wherever you go. Experience the magic of Bint Hooran by Ard Al Zaafaran and discover the true essence of oriental luxury.