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Barakkat Satin Oud Eau De Parfum by Fragrance World 100ml



Barakkat Satin Oud Eau De Parfum by Fragrance World 100ml

Barakkat Satin Oud 100ml by Fragrance World, a luxurious fragrance experience that indulges the senses in a rich tapestry of scent. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this perfume is an exquisite blend of floral, woody, and oriental accords that evoke sophistication and allure.

At the heart of Barakkat Satin Oud lies a harmonious fusion of top-quality ingredients. The fragrance opens with a captivating burst of Bulgarian Rose and Turkish Rose, their delicate petals intertwining to create an intoxicating aroma that speaks of romance and femininity. These top notes set the stage for an olfactory journey that is both enchanting and alluring.

As the fragrance develops, the middle notes of Vanilla and Agarwood (Oud) emerge, adding depth and complexity to the composition. The warm and creamy essence of Vanilla infuses the scent with a subtle sweetness, while the distinctive aroma of Agarwood (Oud) lends an exotic and sensual quality that is truly captivating.

Barakkat Satin Oud comes to a close with base notes of Violet and Benzoin, leaving a lingering trail of elegance and sophistication. The velvety softness of Violet adds a touch of floral freshness, while Benzoin contributes a warm and resinous undertone that envelops the senses in a comforting embrace.

Barakkat Satin Oud Perfume is a masterpiece of perfumery that embodies luxury and refinement. Its exquisite blend of floral, woody, and oriental notes creates a scent that is both timeless and unforgettable, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.